Tech Thieves

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): Wired Part One
Powers/Skills: Technology and Mechanical Aptitude
Voiced By: Paul Amendt (Plug), Amy Danles (Meg), and Googy Gress (Buss)

A trio of teenagers, Meg, Plug, and Buss, reside somewhere on the United States East Coast and fashion themselves as freedom fighters. Hackers refer to them as Tech Thieves. They claim to want to free information and technology for all but in reality, they scavenge technology where they can find or steal and strip it down for their own use. Meg acts as the group's leader. When the NSA first began to pursue Zeta, they found the signal and followed Zeta and later, Ro's exploits on the Internet since the first federal warrant was issued. Buss, in particular, developed an obsession with Ro Rowan and even created a replica taser rod from an appearance in Detroit.

The opportunity for them to meet the duo finally came. During an NSA pursuit, the trio disabled the hovercraft, disabled Bucky Buenventura's transmission, and offered Zeta and Ro asylum. They quickly admitted offered to help them escape once and for all in exchange for being allowed to study Zeta. While Buss distracted Ro, Meg and Plug proceeded to dismantle Zeta. They both fled with one of the gang's hoverbikes but it ran out of fuel. Buss saved Ro and revealed his location out of guilt.