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Real Identity: Rolando Texador
Affiliation(s): Nightbreed
Appearances (SS): Army of Darkness
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Intelligence and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Freddy Rodriguez

Rolando Texador was present at Dakota City's infamous Big Bang and gained the powers of super intelligence. Allegedly, Texador became the smartest person in Dakota overnight. Taking the name Tech, he also developed a weakness to light and went underground. He met Brickhouse, Nightingale and Fade. Together, they formed a new family and survived by stealing. Tech would build interesting devices from whatever parts he could salvage, including a ray gun and plastic emitter. After Ebon joined, he suggested inventing a way to duplicate Nightingale's power and creating perpetual night in the city. Tech analyzed Nightingale's limited Dark Matter generation and designed the Blackout Box. It required various parts and the late night robberies sweep caught Static and Gear's attention. He was astonished when Gear was able to turn off the Box. After speaking to Static and Gear, Tech vowed to work on a cure for Bang Babies. It is unknown if Tech and the Nightbreed were cured by Dr. Todd.