Task Force X

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Task Force X, a unit of superhuman criminals led by a paramilitary officer, takes on unsanctioned missions for agency's within the US government that wish to bypass Congress and taking action. The criminals are offered commuted sentences but there is a catch, the criminals were unknowingly fed nannites, ultra microscopic machines, and if they abandon the mission the nannites will effectively decapitate its current host. Each of the criminals also have to serve on the Force for five years before they are released.

The only known mission they have taken on was initiated by the Cadmus Project on one Memorial Day. The unit included Colonel Flagg Jr., Captain Boomerang, Plastique, Clock King, and Deadshot who had the designations X-1, X-2, X-3, X-4, and X-5, respectively. They had to infiltrate the Justice League Unlimited Watchtower and steal the Annhilator, a powerful machine of mystical properties. They successfully stole the machine, but in the process left one of their own behind.

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