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Real Identity: Charles Bell
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Where Rubber Meets the Road
Powers/Skills: Tar Mimicry and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: John DiMaggio

Charles Bell was a gangmember at the Big Bang in Dakota City. After exposure to Quantum Vapor, he passed out on a sidewalk and took on the characteristics of the asphalt curb as a monstrosity. He took on the name Tarmack. Limited by a lack of intelligence and vision, Tarmack often worked alone. His other weakness was extreme climate changes such as cold.

Tarmack was hired by Specs and Trapper to steal a Fusion Generator from Alva Industries. They supplied him with a detailed plan, as well. First, he appears from a sidewalk, passes through the perimeter wall, places an explosive on a Junction Box to attack the security mainframe, and melt the cap restraint. The theft was a success but the $1 million reward for the Generator was more than what he was paid. After being mocked by Carmen Dillo, Tarmack returned to Westwood Flats and demanded to be part of Specs and Trapper's plan or he would take back the device. They attacked Tarmack but were forced to deal with Static, Gear, and Rubberband Man. Tarmack escaped with the Generator. Rubberband Man immobilized him by shoving the villain into the harbor waters then properly shutdown the device. Tarmack was arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division then later cured by Dr. Todd.