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Real Identity: Teresa
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): The Breed, Sons of the Fathers, Bad Stretch, The Big Leagues, Gear, Romeo in the Mix, She-Back!. No Man's an Island, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Flight and Sound Manipulation
Voiced By: Tia Texada

Teresa, a Latino gangmember and romantic interest of Ivan Evans, was present at the Big Bang in Dakota City was was mutated into a bird-like humanoid. Besides flight, Teresa could project powerful soundwaves from her mouth. She resented her transformation but was swayed by the influence of Evans, now Ebon. She joined his Meta-Breed gang as Talon, a founding member along with Shiv. Talon's flying abilities made her an asset as surveillance or bait. During a robbery at Dakota Mall, Talon was defeated by Static and arrested by the police. She was placed under heavy guard. Ebon learned of Richie Foley's connection to Static and kidnapped him. He then demanded an exchange. The plot failed and the rest of the Meta-Breed were arrested, too. They escaped custody and continued to bring in new recruits. Shiv and Talon supervised Aquamaria's initiation, steal at the Dakota Downs race track. When Static and Rubberband Man arrived, the duo left Aquamaria on her own.

A short time later, the Meta-Breed faced the two heroes again, this time at Dakota Electronics. Static used Talon's sonic scream to create a massive feedback and neutralize the villains while Rubberband Man confronted Ebon. The Metahuman Capture Division outfitted her with a mouth brace to nullify her power. Ebon posed as Rubberband Man and freed his comrades from prison. They were soon recaptured when Static revealed Ebon's plan to Rubberband Man. All but Ebon escaped soon after. Shiv and Talon were absorbed into the Joker's new metahuman gang along with Ruffpack. She mainly served as the Joker's sentry. When Batman and Robin arrived in Dakota, Joker laid a trap for them in the industrial district. Talon administered knockout gas and the gang took off with the duo in restraints. Static managed to use the Batwing to trace them and prevented their untimely deaths. In the faceoff, Robin defeated Talon with a well placed bola. Looking to resume Meta-Breed activities, Shiv, Talon, and Kangor freed Ebon from prison.

Ebon was still fixated on Richie Foley and ordered the gang to search all high schools near police headquarters. While flying above Dakota Union High School, Talon sighted Foley with Virgil Hawkins. Talon and Ebon kidnapped Hawkins and placed him in a cell, hoping to see him reveal his powers. Meanwhile, Foley put together his inventions and went after them. While flying with his jet blade's rocket propulsion, Foley collided with Talon and took her out. When Ebon went missing, Talon conducted a solo theft at a jewelry store but was attacked by the Leech. Eventually, all of Leech's victims escaped but were arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division. Some time later, Madelyn Spaulding broke Talon, Ebon, and HotStreak from prison. She vowed that under her leadership, Meta-Breed would destroy Static once and for all. Talon supported the change while HotStreak and Ebon didn't.

Static, Gear, and She-Bang reunited to defeat them once again. Talon soon escaped but was kidnapped by Edwin Alva to serve as a donor in an energy transfusion to save his son's life. Static and HotStreak willingly did so. As a show of good faith, Alva transported all of them back to Dakota City and allowed HotStreak to keep a hover vehicle. After Dr. Todd's cure began to take a foothold in the city, Ebon led a small group, including Talon, to steal a cannister of Quantum Vapor. While opening the safe holding it, Talon reverted back into a human. She refused to escape with Ebon and was arrested. Talon was transferred to a hospital room for observation but was kidnapped by Ebon. He planned to still subject her to the second Big Bang. Talon saw this plan as a desperate struggle on Ebon's part and called him on his cowardice. HotStreak took advantage of Talon's defiance and stole the Quantum Vapor. As Ebon and HotStreak fought over the Vapor, Talon freed Static and Gear. It is unknown if she got her powers back, escaped in time, or was simply exposed to Dr. Todd's cure again.