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Real Identity: Tala
Affiliation(s): Cadmus and Legion of Doom
Appearances: The Doomsday Sanction, Task Force X, The Balance, Dead Reckoning, the Great Brain Robbery, Grudge Match and Alive!
Powers: Magic
Voiced By: Juliet Landau

Tala is a sorceress that was formerly a pupil of Felix Faust when he became obsessed with acquiring knowledge of the mystic sort. She personally cast a spell to free Faust from Tartarus a couple years after he disappeared and kept his spirit imprisoned in a mirror. Tala became involved in the Cadmus Project as a division head around the same time. Her role seems to be in acquiring weapons of magical properties to be used in defense against the Justice League Unlimited. She was assigned to making a strategy to take the Annihilator, which resided deactivated in the Watchtower. She used Task Force X to steal the machine successfully. However, when Tala was attempting to rid the Annihilator of its weakness, Faust tricked her and freed himself, took control of the Annihilator and left Tala trapped in the mirror.

Tala was freed from the mirror by Grodd. In exchange, she became Grodd's replacement wench in place of the incarcerated Giganta. Grodd also found use in Tala's knowledge of the arcane arts. Tala obliged, drawn to those who can wield power. After Lex Luthor took over, she naturally began to hover around him. However, Luthor's obsession with reconstituting Brainiac contributed to second thoughts. In a turn of events, Tala freed Grodd to confront Luthor. After the mutiny was put down, Tala was seized and used as a mystical conduit to siphon Brainiac's essence.