Rupert Thorne

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Real Identity: Rupert Thorne
Appearances (BTAS): It's Never Too Late, Two-Face Part One, Two-Face Part Two, Vendetta, The Man Who Killed Batman, Shadow of the Bat Part One, Paging the Crime Doctor, Bane, Second Chance and Mystery of the Batwoman
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: John Vernon

Rupert Thorne is the reigning gangland mob boss in present day Gotham City. Through Thorne Enterprises, he operates in illegal activity that deal in racketeering, gambling, extorion, smuggling and drug dealing. Thorne was unrivaled after Arnold Stromwell cut a deal with the police. He also uses his resources to corrupt many high level officials including most judges on the circuit.

Despite being untouchable by the law, Rupert Thorne still garnered the attention of former District Attorney, Harvey Dent. Dent's war on crime coincided with his re-election bid. Thorne used his connections to find Dent's secret and attempted to blackmail him. That wasn't the case. Dent and his other persona attempted to take back the psychological profile. Thorne escaped but a chemical explosion left Dent horribly disfigured. His Two-Face persona took over. For six months, Two-Face attacked all of Thorne's fronts that had a connection to the theme of duality. Thorne manipulated Grace Lamont, Dent's ex-fiancee, to lead him to Two-Face's hideout. Batman was also following and stopped Thorne and Two-Face from killing each other.

He is constantly under the radar of the Gotham City Police Department. But the relationship between the two have been jaded. In the past, Harvey Bullock attempted to take down Thorne. Two key witnessesfalsely implicated Bullock into taking bribes. Years later, Commissioner Gordon and Gil Mason started a campaign to take down Thorne once and for all. In the aftermath of Gordon's setup, Thorne escaped prosecution. Time was Thorne's unrelenting enemy.

A heart ailment emerged. Thorne relied on his brother, the Crime Doctor, to perform surgery. Years ago, Thorne was aided by his brother, Matthew. He refused to help the police and lost his license to practice medicine. Thorne set up his brother in a clinic that catered to the criminal fringe. He would routinely bring his brother supplies and experimental medical technology. Matthew needed someone to assist him, his old friend, Dr. Thompkins. In secret, Thorne ordered his men to kill Thompkins after the surgery was a success.

Batman occassionally shut down Thorne's operations and earned his animosity. Thorne attempted to have Batman assassinated by hiring Bane. However, Bane had plans of his own. He planned to kill Batman then Thorne and take over his operations. After Batman defeated Bane, he handed over a taped conversation that implicated his long time assistant, Candice.

Thorne later worked with the Penguin and Carlton Duquesne on a multi-billion dollar deal to smuggle illegal weapons to the country, Kasnia. About nine years ago, Thorne's men scorched a couple's shop for failure to pay for protection. The couple's daughter, Sonia Alcana, survived and became part of an alliance to get revenge. Thorne, Penguin and Duquesne were all arrested.