Titus Sweete

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Real Identity: Titus Sweete
Affiliation(s): Brother's Day
Appearances (TZP): Lost and Found and The Hologram Man
Powers/Skills: Leadership, Terrorism, Infiltration, Strategy, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Robert Costanzo

Titus Sweete is a high ranking member of the terrorist organization, Brother's Day. Prior to Brother's Day or during his membership, Sweete was incarcerated before. Sweete's unit hired Eugene Dolan, an accountant, to handle donations their charity, a front for weapons procurement. When Zeta discovered Dolan was innocent, the unit abandoned the mission and was declared rogue. Special Agent Bennett long suspected Sweete reprogrammed Zeta despite Brother Day's mantra against synthoids.

Sweete continued to plan for an assault on the Knossos, a government research lab dedicated to synthoid research. After securing enough weapons and manpower, Sweete found Dr. Edmund, former member of the Zeta Project, and forced him to infiltrate an IU Debriefing Post to download the coordinates of Knossos' secret location. Zeta and Ro mistakingly followed Edmund, who posed as Dr. Selig with a holographic emitter, to the meeting site, a junkyard. Sweete then planned to use Edmund to impersonate Selig in case his submarine was stopped on arrival. While onboard the Knossos, he and his unit would then place thermal devices and detonate. Zeta and Special Agent Bennett's unexpected arrival initially thwarted his plan but Sweete still managed to set off the explosives. During the evacuation, Sweete shot down Selig's escape pod but Bennett arrested and escorted him to the NSA hovercraft.