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Real Identity: Swen
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (TZP): Crime Waves
Powers/Skills: Security, Extortion, and Robotics
Voiced By: Adam Baldwin

Swen was head of security on Malibu Island. After learning Wade Pennington's waelthy parents were overseas, Swen concocted a plan to infiltrate the estate. After paying off a trio of teenagers to hassle Pennington, Swen was hired as Pennington's bodyguard. He then planned to kidnap the boy and ransom him. The unexpected appearance of Zeta and Ro influenced him to modify the plan. He blamed the kidnapping on the duo to detract attention from himself. After taking Pennington out to see, Swen collected the ransom remotely and planned to kill the boy anyway. Zeta and Ro rescued Pennington and defeated Swen. He was arrested soon after.