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Real Identity: Brandon
Affiliation(s): Bernie Rast Productions
Appearances (SS): Showtime
Powers/Skills: Energy Absorption, Electromagnetism, Magnetism, and Electric Manipulation
Voiced By: David Faustino

Brandon was a brilliant physics student who was seduced by the allure of Hollywood. He wrote a script and became an assistant to Bernie Rast, hoping he would buy it. However, Rast ignored the script and mistreated Brandon. Brandon often retaliated by purposely misordering Rast's drinks with whole fat milk. Five months later, Brandon became impatient, devised a costume, and planned to secretly steal energy from Static using his earpiece's transmission box during taping of the Heroes reality show.

He took the name Starburst and began to steal money to self-finance his script. After absorbing Static's electromagnetism during an ATM theft, Starburst unleashed a shockwave and levitated metal then escaped aboard a star-shaped saucer. Starburst then robbed a First Bank of Dakota branch. Static chased him to a power station. Despite the power boost, Static still lost. While analyzing footage, Static and Gear noticed wires on Starburst's costume. They deduced Static's transmission box was Starburst's power source and disabled it. After forcing him to use his energy up, Starburst crashed and was hit by one of Gear's Zap Caps. He was unmasked in front of Rast, who couldn't even get his name correct on camera. After getting a phone call for a season order, he quickly lost focus of his ex-assistant. Starburst was led away by the police.