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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Inequity Collective
Appearances (BB): Bloodsport and Plague
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Skills: Hunting, Tracking and Weapons
Voiced By: Carl Lumbly

Originally a game hunter, the Stalker became arrogant and careless on an expedition to Africa. He was mauled by a black panther and left with a back broken in five places. Left in a crippled state, he used his financial resources to hire the best physicians to fix his body and replace his spine. The Stalker received artificially enhanced strength and reflexes. He returned to Africa and killed the panther bare handed.

Dissatisfied with the hunt, the Stalker fixiated on illegal prey and became wanted by Interpol on three continents. He evaded arrest and put his sights on the Bat Spirit, an ageless soul inhabiting the greatest warrior, or Batman. Stalker discovered Batman's secret identity with a microscopic phosphorous gas grenade. Despite having his costume on, Terry McGinnis was marked, only to be read by the Stalker. To lure Batman to a confrontation, Stalker kidnapped Matt McGinnis. In the battle, Stalker's spine was electrocuted and reignited a demonic image of the panther that mauled him.

Originally thought to have been run over on a fixed railway, the Stalker was incarcerated by the National Security Agency. Special Agent Bennet approached Stalker to track down False Face in exchange for amnesty. False Face was hired by Kobra to deliver a virus oversees. Batman interferred and teamed up with the Stalker to stop Kobra's latest plan. The Stalker saved Batman in the aftermath and vowed to kill him someday.