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Real Identity: Dr. Ira Billings
Appearances (BB): Spellbound, Hooked Up and Eyewitness
Powers: Sound manipulation via suit
Voiced By: Jon Cypher

Ira Billings is a disgruntled psychologist formerly employed at Hamilton High School. Billings' M.O. was to brainwash others to steal for him, usually young people on file at Hamilton. Utilizing vid link captured image information, Billings could feed illusions into the human brain. As Spellbinder, he hypnotized Chelsea Cunningham to steal her father's Foley original, crashed the Tate wedding and broke into Deakin's auction house for the Princess Audrey Collection. Batman used his alter-ego to lure Spellbinder to the Wayne Estate and defeated him.

Months later, Spellbinder used the new video game trend, hover virtual reality to drug his would-be accomplices. Hover VR gave its user total sensory immersion. Spellbinder combined it with an overdose of seratonin to make victims steal for him to pay for another round. Seratonin is a chemical agent associated with the central nervous system that is believed to play a key role in regulating anger, aggression, mood, sexuality and body functions. Max Gibson impulsively went undercover but was able to break from the illusion to help Batman defeat Spellbinder. The hover technology was studied, refined and implemented by the police as a quick and cheap prison cell for the more dangerous criminals.

Out for revenge, Spellbinder hacked into frequency scans going to Commissioner Gordon to give her the illusion that Batman crossed the line and killed the terrorist, Mad Stan. In the aftermath, Batman was holed up in Old Town near the Majestic Theater to draw Spellbinder out. The ruse was revealed and Spellbinder was arrested.