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Real Identity: Eddie Felson
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Now You See Him...
Powers/Skills: Hypertime Manipulation and Above Average Intelligence
Voiced By: James Arnold Taylor

Eddie Felson was always a gifted student but he was considered weird, even by the nerds. He struggled to always do the right thing but concluded he got nothing for his troubles. During a summer science camp, Felson was picked on constantly. Daisy Watkins was the only peer that was nice to him and Felson fixated on her. After the camp, Felson graduated from high school early and enrolled in college. He then became an intern for an inventor named Dr. McDonald. Together, they finished McDonald's life work, a Time Manipulator. Felson stole it and began a crime spree. While on spring break, he began to stalk Watkins on at least a dozen occassions, including her workplace All-Taco in Dakota Mall. Felson attempted to impress Watkins with a suit jacket he stole from Omar Harmozi but was upstaged by Virgil Hawkins. Felson knew Watkins had been saving up for a necklace at Sullivan's and tried to steal it. Static and Gear arrived and tried to lockdown the mall.

Felson attached a temporal zone to Static and introduced him to hypertime. He announced himself as Speedwarp and learned both hero's secret identities. Dr. McDonald contacted Felson with evidence he stole the doctor's Time Manipulator. Speedwarp broke into McDonald's office and found nothing. However, he noticed a note revealing McDonald would be at the airport at 10 AM. Speedwarp sabotaged the airplane and stole the security tape. Static and Gear safely landed it on Woodward Avenue. The police surrounded Speedwarp at the Felson residence but he escaped. Meanwhile, Gear quickly created a second Time Manipulator for Static to use to defeat the villain. During a B2K concert, Speedwarp revealed himself to Watkins and promised he could give her anything she wanted. Static arrived to confront him but Speedwarp stole the second Manipulator. The two accelerated timestreams crossed and Speedwarp went out of sync with time, trapped in his own warp.