Specs and Trapper

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Vanmoor Institute and Alva Industries
Appearances (SS): The New Kid, Trouble Squared, and Where Rubber Meets the Road
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence and Technology
Voiced By: Patton Oswalt (Specs) and Michael Rosenbaum (Trapper)

Specs and Trapper were best friends and a pair of prodigal upper classmen at the Vanmoor Institute. They have a deep-seated contempt for others and only admire Edwin Alva, even considering themselves his sons. It was well known among the Vanmoor student body that Specs and Trapper were Alva's teacher's pets. They were assigned to oversee Lab 16 and passed off lower classmens' inventions as their own. After being commissioned by Alva to construct a way to capture Static, Specs and Trapper used a robot to lure Static into the public and record his electrical aura. They then used an electronic eye project to create a component to track any electromagnetic source that it is dialed into and Virgil Hawkins' tracer program to complete the Alva Machine. While completing a pulse test in their private laboratory, Specs and Trapper learned they were being spied on by Hawkins and Daisy Watkins. However, Static arrived and the Alva Machine was activated.

As the duo remotely operated the Machine, Static led it to Edwin Alva's residence. Watkins cut the power supply. Despite this failure, Alva selected the duo to join a special project at Alva Industries. They were to help in the full restoration of Edwin Alva Junior, who turned into a stone statue after overexposure to Quantum Vapor, in exchange for having their project funded. Specs and Trapper were still obsessed with capturing Static and were devising battle suits to do so. Once completed, they lured Static to the abandoned Dakota Stadium. Specs called himself Spectral and Trapper, Speedtrap. As Spectral, Specs could command all colors of the rainbow and generate energy fields and elemental attacks. Speedtrap could deaccelerate and accelerate. They overpowered Static and returned to Alva Industries. However, Static escaped and a second fight damaged the machine that was to cure Junior. Alva was infuriated and terminated their employment.

Specs and Trapper broke into the main laboratory, overpowered the guards, and stole Junior. Alva then received an email demanding a ransom. Rather than transfer the money, Alva sent a team to trace the email. It was only a trap but the team was saved by Static. Alva pleaded with Static to save his son. He agreed to in exchange for a $10 million endowment to the Freeman Community Center. Static followed a hunch and found the duo at the abandoned Vanmoor Institute. Junior was rigged to an explosive charge but Static used Speedtrap's gauntlet to slow the explosion. Specs and Trapper were arrested and charged with kidnapping and extortion. They were to be tried as adults at the 123rd precinct. Months later, Specs and Trapper resurfaced. They hired the Bang Baby Tarmack to break into Alva Industries to steal the Fusion Generator. It would serve as a power source for their Disaster Matrix. The duo could channel enormous amounts of energy and threaten Dakota City with synthetic disturbances. They would ransom the city for millions.

However, Tarmack tried to join in their plans. Meanwhile, Alva Industries' research satellites detected the generator's unique energy to the Westwood Flats. Gear easily jammed all signals in Specs and Trapper's hideout while Rubberband Man went after Tarmack and the Fusion Generator. All three were arrested.