Joey the Snail and Spider Conway

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Real Identity: Joey Martin and Unknown
Appearances (BTAS): Vendetta
Skills: Information racketing
Voiced By: To be Announced

Joey "the Snail" Martin, named after his snail-like features, and Spider Conway were arrested by Detective Harvey Bullock of the Gotham City Police Department, years ago. Their testimony would implicate their employer, Rupert Thorne in illegal rackets around town. Instead, they testified that Bullock was taking bribes. In effect, Bullock's record was tarnished and he was under the scrutiny of Internal Affairs on a daily basis.

Joey and Spider were later busted out of jail and kidnapped by Killer Croc. Killer Croc wanted to settle his own score with Bullock and further ruin his career. Croc posed as Bullock during the bust and relocated the two to an undersea lair. Batman was able to deduct Croc's hideout and freed the two. He remained behind to confront Croc.