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Real Identity: "Heavy C"
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): Winds of Change and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Aerokinesis
Voiced By: Bumper Robinson

Heavy C was a gangmember, a rather obese one, present during the Big Bang in Dakota City. He was unaware of his powers until several teenagers stood up to him at a Burger Fool. Heavy C could generate and manipulate air. He called himself Slipstream and debuted at the Dakota Dunes water park. While trying to steal money from the ticket stand, he easily defeated Static and went on a crime spree ranging from the First National Bank, Booker D Fudge Store, and Chicken Char King. He was followed by a news helicopter and attacked it. At the Dakota Natural History Museum, Static recharged with Richie Foley's Zap Caps and pinned Slipstream in metal debris. Slipstream was arrested and later transferred to the Metahuman Capture Divison.

Years later, Slipstream lost his powers after being exposed to Dr. Todd's cure. He swore allegiance to Ebon and joined a group of Meta-Breed recruits aboard the S.S. Cheng to take part in a second Big Bang. It is unknown if Slipstream got his powers back or if Dr. Todd just reintroduced the cure again.