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Real Identity: Sinestro
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps, Secret Society, and Legion of Doom
Appearances (STAS): In Brightest Day...
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Society Part One, Part Two, I am Legion, Dead Reckoning, The Great Brain Robbery, Alive! and Destroyer
Appearances (SS): Fallen Hero
Powers: Powerful yellow ring that is able to be manipulated into a powerful weapon
Voiced By: Ted Levine and Corey Burton

On the planet Korugar, Sinestro was born and raised to become a fearless warrior. His military prowess earned the attention of the Guardians of the Universe who recruited Sinestro to the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro was assigned to Space Sector 1417, which included his home planet, and established a lofty reputation of being the greatest Green Lantern there was. Over time, Sinestro was corrupted by his power and took over Korugar. Years passed until a young Katma Tui joined the underground rebellion. The Guardians were alerted of Sinestro's actions. Several Green Lanterns, including John Stewart, were dispatched to arrest Sinestro.

A tribunal was held on Oa. With Tui's testimony, Sinestro was stripped of his title and ring. He was then banished to the anti-matter universe of Qward. Sinestro's warrior ethic impressed even the Qwardians, beings of pure evil. Their leader, Yokal the Atrocious had a yellow power ring forged, impowered and given to Sinestro. He vowed to kill every Green Lantern and get revenge on the Guardians, enemies of the Qwardians. After escaping Qward, Sinestro soon kept his word and began systematically murdering Green Lanterns and keeping their rings as war trophies.

After killing nine, Sinestro set his sights on his next target: Abin Sur, Lantern of Sector 2814 and attacked him while he was on route in a minor class cruiser. Sur was fatally injured but managed to crash land on Earth and sent his ring to find a successor. Sinestro soon found Kyle Rayner and proceeded to kill him except he found a challenge and later opposed by Superman, as well. After finding resolve, Rayner defeated Sinestro and was taken to Oa to be instated. He would escape imprisonment and became fixated on the Green Lanterns of Earth. With revenge on his mind, Grodd began recruiting villains interested in destroying the Justice League. Sinestro was easily convinced and joined to get another chance at killing John Stewart.

Sinestro issued a false distress call to be picked up by the Justice League Watchtower. Posing as the pilot, he ambushed John Stewart while he was recharging and stole his Power Battery. Sinestro impersonated Stewart and terrorized Dakota City in order to tarnish the Green Lantern's reputation. Dakota's resident heroes, Static and Gear were convinced Lantern went rogue and when the real one arrived, they incapacitated him. Stewart slipped his ring in Static's outfit to symbolize his innocence. Static freed Stewart and hunted Sinestro down. With Static's electromagnetism, Stewart powered his ring and defeated Sinestro.

Despite the Secret Society's defeat, Sinestro remained affiliated and became part of the larger Legion of Doom. After Grodd's secret plan failed and Lex Luthor assumed control, Sinestro and the rest of the Legion were uneasy with their future. Luthor came up with a train robbery to satisfy them. Sinestro would guide the train, loaded with newly printed Euro's, to a cavern where a Legion transport would be waiting. Dr. Light used her abilities to find and illuminate the ring's residual hard light radiation and led Steel and Ice to confront the Legion. They fled soon after. Sinestro used his ring to save a few Legion members when Darkseid was resurrected and destroyed the headquarters. Lost in space, Sinestro's bubble wouldn't hold out indefinitely. Lightray, of New Genesis, investigated and was knocked out. Sinestro and the others fought alongside the Justice League to stave off the Apokoliptian invasion force on Earth, but returned to status quo afterwards.