Silver Banshee

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Real Identity: Siobhan McDougal
Affiliation(s): Legion of Doom
Appearances: I am Legion, Chaos at the Earth's Core, the Great Brain Robbery and Alive!
Powers: Super Strength, super speed, flight, sonic scream
Voiced By: Kim Mai Guest

Several centuries ago, a woman named Siobhan McDougal was denied leadership of her Irish clan. Siobhan attempted to cast a spell to reverse the decision. Instead, she weakened a portal to the Netherverse and was dragged there. While in the Netherverse, she met Crone who empowered her with magic and returned her to Earth. Siobhan set out to kill the descendants of her clan for denying her. As Silver Banshee, she has super speed and strength and emits a siren wail that is capable of killing anyone within earshot distance.

Silver Banshee, as part of an assignment from the Legion of Doom, journeyed to Skartaris with Metallo as envoys to that world's dictator Deimos. During the final battle, Silver Banshee wondered the battlefield and began emitting her sonic scream and turning warriors in brittle old men. Banshee was stopped by Green Lantern but amidst the chaos, she managed to escape.