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Real Identity: Walter Shreev
Affiliation(s): Inequity Collective
Appearances (BB): Shriek, Babel and Where's Terry?
Appearances (JLU): Epilogue
Powers: Sound manipulation via suit
Voiced By: Chris Mulkey

Walter Shrrev was a brilliant inventor who ran a small laboratory, Shreev Sound. He made several strives in his field including creating a new alloy, Accoustium, to amplify sound, sound masking technology and a trans-receiver. Shreev's greatest invention was a sound suit, equipped with four built in sound generators that produce ultra low frequency vibrations. The suit was originally intended for demolition. With dire financial problems, Shreev Sound was bailed out by Derek Powers.

Derek Powers wanted Wayne-Powers to purchase Gotham City's historical district, Park Row (Crime Alley), and develop an industrial complex. However, Bruce Wayne made an appearance at a Board meeting and convinced his peers to vote against it. Frustrated with Wayne's interference, Powers froze Shreev's funding and forced him to have Wayne incapacitated. Shreev employed his trans-receiver, a two way radio, to haunt Wayne and drive him insane. While recuperating at a hospital, Shreev bribed an orderly to gain access to Wayne's room and bug it. Terry McGinnis went undercover and earned Shreev's trust for a brief time to learn more about his technology. Batman confronted Shreev, calling himself Shriek, who was publicly wanted by the police. While wearing the suit, Shriek used sound masking to place back waves out of phase, cancelling most noise, to focus on Batman's movements. Batman disabled his suit and Shriek was overwhelmed by the overload of noise. He was left deaf.

Months later, Shriek was discharged by the mental hospital that held him in custody. He quickly occupied a twin tower that conviently resembled a tuning fork. With his technology, Shriek altered vibrations of air molecules to render human speech incoherent. With the city in chaos, Shriek issued a public deadline for the police to turn over Batman to him. Knowing the danger, Batman confronted Shriek. Fighting without his sound compensators, Shriek was crushed by a building debris.

Some time later, Shriek went underground and hid in an old shelter below the Gotham Subway Station. Batman and revenge were still on his mind. While waiting for a ride, Terry McGinnis noticed Shriek's henchman Ollie and pursued him as Batman. With the tunnels twisting, Shriek was unable to focus his blasts and was forced to guess. Batman was trapped under debris until he encountered a runaway, Dak. While trying to escape, the two were caught by Shriek. Luckily, Bruce Wayne went out on his own to track McGinnis and knocked out Shriek from behind. Time and time again, Shriek would try to exact his revenge against Batman only to fail each encounter.