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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): The Breed, Sons of the Fathers, Bad Stretch, Consequences, The Big Leagues, Gear, Where Rubber Meets the Road, Kidnapped, and Power Outage
Powers/Skills: Bio-Kinetic Energy Manipulation
Voiced By: Brian Tochi

A gangmember, most likely from Ivan Evans' gang, was given the power to create light energy weapons from his hands after the Big Bang in Dakota City. It is unknown if this happened as a direct result of the mutation, but he also has a manical personality and thus, feels more intrinsic satisfaction from inflicting pain on others. He also is more materialistic in nature compared to other Bang Babies, and delights in money and video games. He took the name Shiv, after the slang name for any sharp weapons, and was a founding member of the Meta-Breed. In order to use his power, Shiv must be focused and if he is unconscious, the weapons disappear. Since the weapons are bio-kinetic in nature, if both hands were to make contact then the results would be explosive.

Shiv and Talon later supervised Aquamaria's initiation, stealing from the Dakota Downs race track. When Static and Rubberband Man arrived to defeat her, the duo left the recruit to settle her problems alone. The Meta-Breed then robbed Dakota Electronics. Shiv was more concerned with a Gamestation 2 display. He and the rest were overwhelmed from feedback of Talon's sonic scream. While in custody of the Metahuman Capture Division, Shiv's hands were outfitted with a special pair of gloves. After the team failed to recruit Rubberband Man, Shiv resurfaced alone at a Toyz-A-Palooza store and stole toys and money. Static and Rubberband Man arrived as customers fled the scene. Static animated a robot display to capture Shiv. Attracted to the Joker's psychopathic charm, Shiv then joined his new gang. However, he was easily beaten when his weapons were trapped on a conveyor belt.

Shiv joined Talon and Kangor in a plan to extract Ebon from the Metahuman Wing A at police headquarters and resume Meta-Breed crimes. They kidnapped Virgil Hawkins, whom they believed to be Static. Richie Foley gathered his inventions and traced him to an abandoned Dakota Juvenile Detention Center. Foley defeated Talon, Kangor, and Shiv alone. Months later, Shiv was sighted at a dockyard pool hall when Tarmack was celebrating a big score. A short time later, Robert Hawkins was kidnapped by Puff and Onyx. Static interrogated various Bang Babies, Shiv being the third, until Puff set off a flare. After Dr. Todd's cure began to restore several Bang Babies into normal humans, Shiv joined Talon, Ebon, and HotStreak in stealing Quantum Vapor. Unlike Talon, Shiv remained loyal to Ebon and was present on the S.S. Cheng. However, it is unknown if Shiv got his powers back in the second Big Bang or if Todd simply spread the cure in a second dose.