Shadow Thief

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Real Identity: Carter Hall
Affiliation(s): N/A
Appearances: Shadow of the Hawk and Ancient History
Powers: Can transform into a 2-dimensional shadow; impervious to attack and increased attributes
Voiced By: James Remar

Years ago, when Joseph Gardner found a Thanagarian Absorbicon and touched it, he interfaced with it. However, a human mind isn't equipped to properly handle it. During the interface, Gardner's dark desires were manifested in a separate shadow-like being. It unknowingly channeled Gardner's desires. Since Gardner was making claims of a Thanagarian connection to Egypt, it stole artifacts and weapons at every turn. When Gardner wanted to become a hero, it became his villain, Shadow Thief.

Shadow Thief secretly followed the archaeologist, Carter Hall to his dig site. Reportedly, the site held priceless Thanagarian artifacts. In the black market, these items were a fortune. However, he needed Hall to get into the burial chamber where the treasure lay. Shadow Thief was confronted by Batman, Shayera Hol and Carter Hall and was able to escape with only a handful of artifacts.

Shadow Thief saved the Absorbicon and discovered it was a part of Hall. It stalked Green Lantern and waited for the chance to catch him off guard and kidnap him. Vixen saw Shadow Thief at the last second and attempted to fight it off. Shadow Thief retaliated and still managed to knock out Green Lantern and take him all the way to the Midway City Museum. There, it waited for Shayera Hol and Hawkmanto arrive. It forced the three to view the Absorbicon on last time to reveal the truth of things. Shadow Thief tried to convince Hawkman into killing Green Lantern and taking Shayera Hol for himself. Instead, Hawkman freed Green Lantern. Hawkman eventually decided to and absorbed Shadow Thief back into himself.