The Shade

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Injustice Gang I, Injustice Gang II, Secret Society and Legion of Doom
Appearances: Injustice For All Part One, Part Two, Fury Part One, Only a Dream Part One, Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Initiation, the Great Brain Robbery and Alive!
Powers: Can trap any foe in an inky black void which he shoots from his cane
Voiced By: Stephen McHattie

Originally from England, a century ago, he and a dwarf named Culp experienced a strange disturbance that gave the both of them command of a mysterious shadow substance and immortality. Shade operated as a mercenary for hire and was locked in an eternal struggle with Culp until one day, Culp disappeared without warning.

Currently, Shade continues his ventures in being a super villain. He is very powerful, but has been reduced to a petty thief. As a member of the Injustice Gang, and then later the Secret Society, he showed off some of his true ability. He is capable of trapping his opponents in a temporary dark abyss and does so with a cane.