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Gorilla Grodd's demise was not permanent. He managed to escape his prison in Gorilla City and relocated. Grodd desired revenge against the Justice League and recruited super villains that shared in this feeling. Over a stretch of time, as long as a year or so, Grodd employed a sophisticated system of automated cameras that monitored members of the Justice League. Grodd used the raw data to study the League members and planned to strike when they were at their highest emotional strain. Grodd, however, had to make the members of his Secret Society trust each other and work as a team. The Society first garnered the League's attention when, it was reported a group of super villains attacked the island estate of the late Morgan Edge and opened several hazardous barrels. The Society then initiated a divide and conquer strategy after they defeated the League in a trial encounter. It would have worked, if J'onn Jonzz had not traded places with Clayface.

Grodd's plan for revenge and taking over the world failed. But he had a backup plan. His loyal second, at the time, Giganta along with Bizarro attempted to free Grodd from Stryker's Prison. Some time after, Grodd escaped and extended the Secret Society into the Legion of Doom and kept it more secret.

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