Madelyn Spaulding

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Real Identity: Madelyn Spaulding
Affiliation(s): Meta-Breed
Appearances (SS): Attack of the Living Brain Puppets and She-Back!
Powers/Skills: Telepathy and Telekinesis
Voiced By: Kimberly Brooks

Madelyn Spaulding was a student at Dakota Union High School. Her obsession with perfection and controlling others led her peers to label her as a control freak and call her "Little Miss Perfect." In Spaulding's freshman year, she was conducting research for an essay she was writing on poverty by interviewing homeless people. Spaulding was conversing with one near the Gate 10 dockyards when the Big Bang took place. She ran for class president and compiled 32 platforms including uniforms. Spaulding still needed 50 signatures from classmates to be eligible for the election. Virgil Hawkins was her first signature. However, Spaulding began to suffer from physical pain, a delayed reaction to Quantum Vapor. During Mr. Lawler's quiz, she discovered she could read minds. Then using two bullies, she exhibited mind control.

Spaulding planned to use her powers to take over the student body. First, she used mind control on the front runner for president, Joey Bombora, and made him withdraw his bid in support of her. Richie Foley snuck up on Spaulding and she read his mind, discovering Virgil Hawkins was Static. Hawkins' electromagnetic field prevented Spaulding from taking control of him but confronted him in his dreams, vowing to defeat him. Spaulding took control of Dakota City and summoned everyone to Dakota Union. Rather than take over the student body, Spaulding decided she would take over the entire school. Static was soon captured but when Spaulding tried to telepathically force her way into Static's mind, she was overwhelmed by a massive feedback. Spaulding lost her short term memory, thus any idea she was a metahuman, and most of her mental faculties. She recovered at the local hospital and was eventually cleared and released. Dakota Union wouldn't reaccept her so Spaulding took a job at a comic book store.

After speaking to Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley, Spaulding recalled how everyone was mean to her and she had superpowers. While trying to relearn her powers, Spaulding learned the feedback altered her mutation. She now had telekinesis instead of telepathy. Out for revenge, Spaulding extracted Ebon, HotStreak, and Talon from police headquarters Metahuman Wing A and took over Meta-Breed as leader. Spaulding led them on an attack at city hall where they easily humbled Static, Gear, and She-Bang. She later captured She-Bang and bound her in the strongest of steel restraints. Based at a junkyard, Spaulding planned on luring Static into a trap. However, She-Bang manipulated Ebon into challenging Spaulding for leadership. Static applied an opposite charge to garbage and rendered Spaulding unconscious. Months later, she was most likely turned back into a normal human by Dr. Todd's cure.