Dora Smithy

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Real Identity: Dora Smithy
Appearances (GG): Ms'ing in Action, Gotham in Pink, Hear me Roar, Gotham in Blue, A Cat in the Hand, No, I'm Batgirl!!, and Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Powers/Skills: Administration and Deaccelerated Aging
Voiced By: Jennifer Hale

Dora Smithy is the sister of Nora Fries, the ex-wife of Mr. Freeze. When her sister was placed in a cyrogenic chamber and Victor Fries transformed into Mr. Freeze, Smithy went mad with grief. She manifested her grief in extreme hatred towards all super villains and the law, who failed to stop their reign.

Smithy planned to use Mr. Freeze's confiscated technology, which was stored in the Gotham City Police Department's Special Crimes Dangerous Evidence Vault. To gain access to the vault, she began working in the police department as Commissioner Gordon's assistant. Smithy used a unique gun to transport every male into a alternate temporal dimension, frozen in time. She then took advantage of the chaos to activate robot duplicates of high ranking officers, including Commissioner Gordon.

When the males were returned to their rightful place, Smithy kidnapped Gordon and placed him in a cyrogenic chamber located at one of Mr. Freeze's previous hideouts, Gotham Ice Cream Industries, located on 333 Coldwater Road. Once she replaced everyone, Smithy could watch as all of the super villains were executed by the law. However, Batgirl unraveled her plans and confronted her. In the battle, Smithy fell into a vat of cryogenic solution, similar to the one that made Victor Fries an immortal. She was incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.