Arnold Stromwell

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Real Identity: Arnold Stromwell
Appearances (BTAS): It's Never Too Late and Robin's Reckoning Part One
Skills: Underworld Activity
Voiced By: Eugene Roche/ Alan Roberts

Arnold Stromwell, from a young age, yearned to become a powerful figure in Gotham City. Stromwell soon ascended the mob world ladder. He started out as a street dealer, selling drugs under the guise it was candy. Years later, Stromwell became the undisputed mob boss. However, in the twilight of his life, he was on the verge of being over run by his rival, Rupert Thorne. Batman attempted to coax Stromwell to comply with the police and become a material witness. Stromwell discovered his son Joseph recovering at Sunrise Foundation, a drug rehabilitation clinic. Batman later recruited Stromwell's brother, Father Michael. Soon after, Stromwell gave in and surrendered. The power vacuum was soon filled by Thorne and other underworld figures on the rise.