Royal Flush Gang (Beyond)

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Real Identity: The Walker's
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, Once Burned and King's Ransom
Skills: Technology and Theft

Generations ago, a European family turned to crime for sport and fancied themselves after a card hand, the Royal Flush Gang. Built on the foundations of class and royalty, the Gang was the infamous "Aristocrats of Crime." Everything stolen was tied to a card theme. Their main targets were objects tied to Rococo and Louis XIV. To aid in their sprees, the Gang employed technology such as flying cards commanded by psycho-reactive circuitry concealed in an individual's glove. New members are recruited by marriage as veteran members go to jail or retire.

Right before the events leading to his retirement, Batman defeated and broke up the Gang. This Gang's Jack had married into the family to the then Ten. Eventually he would become the next King. When word reached Europe that a new Batman appeared in Gotham City, King and the Gang returned for revenge.

Months later, the Royal Flush Gang began conducting a new string of art thefts. Their M.O. changed from 18th century French to Pre-Columbian. While attempting to steal the Jaguar of the Dezer, the Gang encountered Batman and was forced to abandon Jack. It turned out they were hired by Paxton Powers. King cut his losses and kidnapped Powers for blackmail. In secret, King was partnered with Powers' assistant Sable Thorpe to ransack his gallery of stolen artifacts. Powers admitted he owned the priceless Crown of Tikal, and prompted Queen to enlist Bruce Wayne, publicly known for his distaste for Powers rather than a loyalist like Thorpe, to deliver the Crown. Powers then hired the Gang to kill Wayne. With him out of the way, Powers would have greater access to company assets to reimburse the Gang.

King failed to kill Wayne but took the Crown and left Queen and Ace to the police. Queen managed to escape and walked in on King's betrayal. The two sparred, while Batman arrived. King and Queen were defeated and arrested.


Real Identity: Mr. Walker
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, Once Burned and King's Ransom
Skills: Swordsmanship, Hand to Hand Fighting, Acrobatics and Theft
Voiced By: George Lazenby

King, possibly a common killer, was recruited to join the Royal Flush Gang and married the King's daughter. According to protocol, he would eventually become King. On a continuous basis, he would endure constant comparison from both father-in-law and wife and resented living in the shadow of another. However, the Gang was soon humiliated and defeated by Batman. Over the decades, King nursed an obsession with Batman and sought to kill the new one. He also acquired the skill to hide weapons in innocent-looking playing cards. Unlike his family, King is willing to do anything for money.

When a second Batman emerged in Neo Gotham, King brought his family to challenge this figure. King, however, began to stage riskier crimes to simply lure Batman into battle. He then devised a new trick card that could detonate a high explosive. When Ten began to question his motives, a schism formed between the two. Most likely from Queen's influence, King gave Ten a chance to rejoin the Gang and staged their kidnapping. When Batman and mobsters became involved, they were arrested a second time. With the family finances strained, Ten gone, and Ace barely able to repair itself, King came up with a plan to use his mistress to help steal from Paxton Powers and leave the Gang. However, he underestimated Queen's resolve and a battle erupted. Batman trailed Queen and defeated King by shooting down a giant card prop onto him, ironically of his father-in-law.


Real Identity: Mrs. Walker
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, Once Burned and King's Ransom
Skills: Marksmanship, Escape Artist and Martial Arts
Voiced By: Amanda Donohoe/Sara Douglas

Queen is the daughter of the previous King and carries on the family's pride as criminal elitists. Together with King, Queen had a son and daughter who were brought up to become Jack and Ten, respectively. After King's constant failures in Gotham City, she began to see what kind of person her husband was and considered leaving him. But she resolved to keep the remains of the family together. Her fears began to remanifest when Jack was arrested and Ace began to show signs of degradation. King managed to convince her to take part in a scheme to assassinate Bruce Wayne. When King left her at the scene to be arrested, Queen escaped and returned to the family hideout only to discover King was cheating on her and planned to start a new life of crime. King was enraged when Batman arrived and knocked her unconscious.


Real Identity: Jack Walker
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, Once Burned and King's Ransom
Skills: Close-range combat and knives
Voiced By: Scott Cleverdon

Jack was raised to be a close range fighter and utilized throwing knives. As he got older, Jack was in and out of jail from his juvenile years. He simply follows orders and like his sister, has the potential to live a life without crime. Following the Gang's latest defeat, Jack was bailed out by none other than his sister, who had a job offer. It seemed that Jack took up his sister's offer to be a dish washer at the same resturaunt that she works for. With both children reformed, the Royal Flush Gang was without heir and defeated once and for all.


Real Identity: Melanie Walker
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, Once Burned and King's Ransom
Skills: Systems Infiltration and Hand to hand combat
Voiced By: Olivia D'Abo

Ten was raised to function in systems infiltration so the Gang could commit their thefts without tripping security devices. However, Melanie Walker tired of moving from place to place and not having any relationships outside of family.

It was in Gotham City where she met Terry McGinnis and carried on a brief flirtation. The Gang was weary of her commitment and secretly re-initiated her. Under the premise her family was kidnapped by the Jokerz, Ten resorted to stealing from local gangsters. After the big reveal, Batman arrived with the gangsters and the police in tow. She remained estranged from the Walker family and works at a downtown resturant.


Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, Once Burned and King's Ransom
Skills: Super Strength, Hand to Hand Fighting and Scouting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ace is the muscle of the Gang, displaying feats of inhuman strength. In reality, Ace was actually a synthoid, a semi-sentient robot programmed to obey its master. After each encounter with Batman, Ace could successfully repair itself less and less. During the final encounter, Ace was short circuited after Batman tackled it into a park water fountain.