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Real Identity: Victoria Sinclair
Appearances: The Cat and the Canary and Grudge Match
Skills: Manipulation and Hand to hand combat
Voiced By: Virginia Madsen

Victoria Sinclair owns and operates the House, an underground casino/ fight club as Roulette. She specifically caters to the metahuman population. It is said that Roulette murdered her husband for cheating on her and used her grandfather's fortune to build the House.

Financial strains forced Roulette to cater to the affluent and selling them seats to fights between metahumans and any other would be challengers and profiting off their gambling vices. She holds metabrawls, illegal cage fights that involve competitors that are metahumans or have chemical enhancements. Roulette also has an uncanny ability to count cards, analyze body posture and gestures and predict her opponent's moves.

Months later, Roulette's profits were dwindling. Roulette's Metabrawl was suffering losses due to two reasons, Lex Luthor taking a larger cut of the gross profit and recruiting all of the super villains. Roulette was left with below average villains to use as her attractions. Luthor decided to use Grodd's mind control technology on the Justice League. Five members were manipulated via their comm links and made to fight in Metabrawl matches. Roulette was on the rebound, until her activities indirectly caught the attention of Huntress. Roulette was defeated and arrested.