Rhino & Mugsy

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Real Identity:Charles Daily (Rhino)
Appearances (BTAS): Read My Lips, Cat Walk and Double Talk
Skills: Muscle
Voiced By: Earl Boen (Rhino) and Townsend Coleman (Mugsy)

Rhino & Mugsy are two henchmen in the Gotham underworld who often work for the Ventriloquist and Scarface. Rhino got his namesake for the tatoo located on one of his arms and his tremondous size and strength while Mugsy's is more subtle. The two served as the muscle and always assumed Scarface to be the mastermind.

When the Ventriloquist was released from Arkham Asylum with a clean bill of health, Rhino & Mugsy began to stalk him, wondering when Scarface would resurface. When it appeared he wouldn't, Rhino & Mugsy hired Hips McManus to harass the Ventriloquist and provoke some reaction from Scarface. Scarface was annoyed that he was prematurely resurrected by the hired help and later rewarded the two by double crossing them and attempting to kill them. Rhino & Mugsy were saved by Batman and Batgirl and placed under arrest.