The Royal Flush Gang (II)

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The Royal Flush Gang(II)

The original Royal Flush Gang was all but captured after the Justice League stopped them and their would be benefactor, the Joker. All except for Ace. For some time her whereabouts were keep privy and she lived alone in peace. However, as time went by, she became lonely. After choosing four individuals, Ace warped reality so that they had powers and became the second Royal Flush Gang with the spade suit. The JLU easily defeated them and left them to police custody after Ace passed away.


Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Wild Cards Part One, Part Two and Epilogue
Powers: Distort Reality, some telekinesis
Voiced By: Hynden Walch

Ace was born with one of the most powerful and oddest mental power. Just by staring; in person or through frequency waves, Ace can distort her victim's perception of reality with thought waves and drive them seemingly insane. The government agents in Sector 12 devised a special headband for Ace that acts as a mental inhibitor. However, it traumatized Ace and she holds a contempt for the object. When Batman revealed the Joker was in possession of the object, she turned on him and focused her powers on the Joker, incapacitating him for the time being. She left to parts unknown where she could live in peace.

Ace attempted to isolate herself from society. However, she was only human after all, and became lonely. As her powers grew, so did her loneliness. Ace's telekinetic powers expanded to the point where she could read minds and warp reality. She chose four people and altered reality so that they could form a new Royal Flush Gang. Most of the time they ignored her pleas though.

Cadmus kept tabs on Ace in secret, knowing full well they would not be able to detain her by themselves. Psi-techs from Cadmus began to predict that she would soon die on an aneurysm. Her death that late in the stage would create a psycho-kinetic backlash that would kill people within miles her location. The JLU became aware of the Gang and sent a unit of Batman, Shayera Hol, Red Tornado, Dr. Light and Stargirl to stop them. Amanda Waller arrived to arm Batman with a device that would safely end Ace's life and save innocent lives. However, Batman knew otherwise and went to see Ace alone. The two realized they were kindred spirits with lost childhoods. Batman stayed with Ace until she died. Afterwards, the reality she distorted was returned to normal and the Royal Flush Gang were stripped of their powers and appearance.


Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Epilogue
Powers: Heat vision

King's appearance resembles something out of the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. He levitates on a throne symbolizing his role on the Royal Flush Gang. King is also able to project heat vision as a means of offense. Against Red Tornado, King's girth was exposed and used against him. Red Tornado led King into a dense outgrowth and unleashed a tornado attack that defeated King. Soon after, King reverted to a middle aged man.


Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Epilogue
Skills: Wields energized scepter

Queen seemingly resembles the Red Queen from the novel, Alice in Wonderland. Queen even mimics her savage personality. Queen attacks with an energy powered scepter. However, she was no match for the likes of Dr. Light who used her powers to overcome Queen. Oddly enough, Queen transformed back into a tall, heavyset balding man.


Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Epilogue
Skills: Kendo

Jack, almost straight out of feudal Japan, fights like a kabuki samurai down to the samurai sword. Jack also flies around via a flying playing card similar to the mode of transportation used by the first Gang and the, yet to be formed at the time, fourth Gang. Jack's sword was broken by Shayera Hol's mace and subsequently, was dealt an uppercut that left him unconscious. Jack turned back into a younger man.


Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Epilogue
Powers: Psychokinetic manipulation of hair

Ten was given one of the more odd of abilities among this incarnation of the Royal Flush Gang, the ability to use psycho-kinetics to extend her long hair into a whip-like projectile. This power made her a suitable long range and to an extent, middle range fighter. However, Stargirl fought her in short range, easily beating her.