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Real Identity: Marvin Roper
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Duped
Powers/Skills: Shapeshifting
Voiced By: Coolio

Marvin Roper worked with Adam Evans at the Stonegas Records store. Both were stock clerks and dreamed of becoming hit music stars. However, Evans was much more talented than Roper. In the Big Bang, Roper got the power to shapeshift into anyone he'd already seen before. Taking the name Replikon, Roper compiled a demo CD and submitted it to D-Town Recordings. He was rejected. Upon hearing about A.J. McLean, Replikon broke into his hotel room and waited. When McLean arrived, Replikon took on his appearance and imprisoned him at Stonegas.

Now posing as McLean, he returned to D-Town and forced its CEO, Mr. Biggs, to give Replikon a deal and turn down Evans or else McLean would end his partnership with the company. While watching Shelly Sandoval interview him, Hawkins learned Replikon placed McLean's tattooes on the wrong arm, like a mirror reflection. Static confronted him at Stonegas. Replikon shapeshifted into Fur Fur then a wooden doll to nullify Static's powers. McLean used headphone feedback to disorient Replikon, turning him normal, and allowed Static to knock him unconscious. Once the matter was cleared up, Evans got a deal with D-Town and Replikon was arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division. Replikon was most likely cured by Dr. Todd when he exposed the entire city to his creation.