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Real Identity: Johnny Morrow
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Replay
Powers/Skills: Cloning and Acting
Voiced By: Neil Patrick Harris

Johnny Morrow was once a famous television actor and icon at the age of 10. He starred as Little Johnny on "Johnny on the Spot." Morrow got to meet the Mayor of Dakota City, was featured on Teen TV!, won awards, and made the cover of Time magazine. Everyone idolized Morrow but after the fourth season, DKT Network terminated his contract and ended the show. Morrow vanished into obscurity. After the Big Bang, he learned he could create energy clones of himself and vaporize them at any time by simple commands like snapping his fingers. As a pun on his career, Morrow took on the name Replay. He appeared at the Dakota Mall and used multiple clones to stage a mass robbery. The original began while stealing a watch from Sullivan's. Virgil Hawkins happened to be at the mall and arrived as Static. The pursuit ended at the Kid Circus demolition site.

In the Hall of Mirrors, just as Replay was about to conjure more clones, Static powered up and grabbed him. The area exploded and Static saw a clone of himself. It was completely loyal to Replay and had all of the original's powers. Replay went on a crime spree unchallenged and prompted Police Chief Barnsdale to form the Dakota Metahuman Capture Division. Just as Barnsdale made the announcement, Replay struck again at the Weinstein Jewelry Mart. While trying to track the clone's ion trail, Static was forced to flee into the sewers by the police. In only two days, Replay turned Static into a symbol of dishonor.

With police and media focused on Static, Replay wanted to get revenge on DKT and decided to attack their new studio downtown. While on set, he learned his show was replaced by Bucks Up, a gameshow, and began trashing the set. Static arrived and confronted him. Meanwhile, Richie Foley snuck in and televised the battle to the police outside. Replay was stunned to be on television and Static blasted the clone into him. The Static clone and all others disappeared. Static was cleared of all charges and Replay became the first Bang Baby arrested by the Metahuman Capture Division. Years later, he was most likely turned back into a normal human by Dr. Todd's cure.