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Real Identity: Dr. Suzuki
Appearances (BB): Untouchable
Powers/Skills: Matter repelling aura, Generate gravitational fields and Biotechnology
Voiced By: Gedde Watanabe

Dr. Suzuki worked for years for Wayne-Powers Medical Research to make the next breakthrough. Along with his superior, Dr. Blades, Suzuki worked on creating a mobile isolation environment for patients with imperfect immune systems. Their results was an iso field generator ring. It creates a localized dia-gravitational aura set to repel all matter. Suzuki implored Blades to explore other applications of the ring but Blades refused.

Suzuki secretly forged approval on invoices for power boosting servo-circuitry and turned the ring into a formidable weapon. With the enhancements, Suzuki could also generate and extend gravitational fields as crude solid constructs. He hired himself out as the Repeller. Kobra agents contracted him to steal three rare man-made isotopes, needed to create a powerful explosive.

While stealing the second, beta sterilium from the Isotope Research Lab, Batman tried to intervene. Despite the concern of his benefactors, Repeller vowed to kill Batman. Bruce Wayne recognized the ring design and investigated the Wayne-Powers Medical Research Facility. After Batman narrowly cheated death at the Bludhaven Nuclear Facility, he confronted Repeller at the Medical Research Lab. The fight extended over to a nearby facility containing a giant turbine. Batman activated it to disorient the Repeller with sound.