Red Claw

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Red Claw
Appearances (BTAS): The Cat and the Claw, The Cat and the Claw Part Two and The Lion and the Unicorn
Skills: Terrorism, Organization and Hand to Hand Fighting
Voiced By: Kate Mulgrew

Red Claw is an infamous terrorist leader known for acts of ruthlessness. Even fewer in the intelligence sector were aware that Red Claw was also a woman. In the middle of an operation, Interpol confiscated a plague from her European labs. Red Claw operated behind her front, Multigon International, a corporation operating on miniature resort lines and transported her forces to Gotham City. Her group would intercept the plague, while on transport by train with a military escort. With the plague, Red Claw would fortify herself at an abandoned military complex that was originally built as a bunker to shelter high level officials in the case of bacterial warfare.

She demanded $1 billion in gold bullions within 24 hours or she would release the plague, which had a 10 mile radius. Catwoman and Batman got mixed into Red Claw's plans. Multigon purchased land that was set aside for a wild cat sanctuary and included the bunker complex. Catwoman broke in and discovered the company's secret. Red Claw's agents discovered Catwoman's secret identity and attempted to assassinate her. Ultimately, Catwoman and Batman prevented Red Claw from releasing the plague.

Red Claw and her network resurfaced in Britain. This time she was after secret access codes needed to activate the last of the country's land based missile silos. The codes were verbal commands given to two agents. They used the first, Frederick to lure the latter, Alfred Pennyworth to London. After capturing him, Red Claw administered a truth serum to both agents. Meanwhile, Batman and Robin arrived in London to investigate Pennyworth's sudden departure. The two infiltrated the castle stronghold and took on Red Claw's forces. The missile was launced in the confrontation. Batman went alone in his Batjet to steer the missile away but Red Claw was stowed aboard. Batman ejected her into the Atlantic Ocean where she was arrested after the threat was averted.