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Real Identity: Patrick
Appearances (BB): Rats
Powers/Skills: Commands rats
Voiced By: Taran Noah Smith

A young boy named Patrick ran away from home and lived in the sewers, away from the taunts of his peers. Patrick was exposed to an illegal deposit of toxic waste and took on rat-like characteristics. He was befriended by a colony of giant mutant rats, who served his every whim. Another creation of the waste are hybrid white roses that can grow without sunlight.

Over time, Patrick collected junk and trash, things nobody wanted to keep. Deep down, he was still obsessed with being accepted. In secret, he would observe the lives of an unappreciated girl and leave her a rose. When he felt confident, Patrick would send his rats to kidnap the girl. Patrick was disappointed over and over, but he continued undaunted. After disposing of the victim, he'd move on to the next obsession.

His last target was Dana Tan. While investigating her disappearance at Rhino's, a favorite dining spot of Tan's, Batman encountered Patrick and his rats. Eventually, Batman found Patrick's hideaway. In the skirmish, a fire started and ignited a massive explosion that killed Patrick.