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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Attack of the Living Brain Puppets and Power Play
Powers/Skills: Ability Bestowal and Aura Absorption
Voiced By: Richard Libertini

On night, a homeless man settled near the Gate 10 dockyards. He was approached by Madelyn Spaulding, who was writing an essay on poverty, when the Big Bang took place. Both were covered in Quantum Vapor and gifted with powers. The man learned he had a tactile ability and could either gift a normal human with super powers on a temporary basis or drain their lifeforce. A few weeks later, two teenage boys found the man and were given the powers of teleportation and enhanced speed. The man offered a bargain, don't tell anyone where and how he got his powers and he would continue to gift him. They agreed and he formed them into a crime ring. For weeks, Run and Jump stole for him in exchange for his patronage. He then settled on the rooftop of a building that served as base of operations.

Then a short time later, Richie Foley bumped into him near the Stucco City Construction Site and while helping up the man, gained powers. When Foley realized what happened, he searched for the man again. The man offered Foley the same choice and was accepted. Foley took the name Push. When prompted who he was, the man declared his real name was unimportant and went by Ragtag. During a planned heist, Foley realized the error of his ways and set off an alarm for Static to trace. Static then went ahead of Foley to confront Ragtag. Ragtag then proceeded to drain him of all his lifeforce. Foley intervened and knocked him over the roof into a garbage dumpster. Ragtag was arrested by the police and later transferred to the Metahuman Capture Division. Years later, he was most likely cured by Dr. Todd.