Arthur Reeves

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Real Identity: Arthur "Artie" Reeves
Appearances (BTAS): Mask of the Phantasm
Skills: Law and Administration
Voiced By: Hart Bochner

Arthur Reeves was once an up and coming paralegal who worked for the late buisnessman, Carl Beaumont. Even Beaumont recognized and promoted Reeves' talent. When Beaumont needed to flee the States, amid the Valestra mob discovering his embezzling, Reeves helped him and his daughter Andrea escape.

Some time after, Reeves ran for council. Soon his campaign war chest was running low. Reeves asked Beaumont for money but he refused to help. Desperate, Reeves sold out Beaumont to the mob. He won the race at the cost of Beaumont's life. About 10 years later, when Batman was falsely implicated in gang murders, Reeves personally led the campaign to take Batman down. Reeves was confronted by the last mobster, Salvatore Valestra but swiftly rebuffed him. Reeves began dating Andrea, unaware that her father was dead and that she was the Phantasm. The Joker suspected Reeves was the Phantasm because of his connection but realized it was Andrea Beaumont. He injected Reeves with his toxin anyway. Batman later interrogated him in his hospital room. Most likely, Reeves was ousted from his position.