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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Meta-Men
Appearances (SS): Bent Out of Shape, Consequences, Showtime, A League of Their Own Part One, and Kidnapped
Powers/Skills: Gas Mimicry
Voiced By: Kimberly Brooks

A pair of friends and students in Dakota City were turned into metahumans after the Big Bang. Renaming themselves Puff and Onyx, they set out to become the best. Puff retained a human appearance but could alter her molecular structure to turn into gas or emit it in various forms, including corrosive and knockout, depending on mood. While Onyx expressed second thoughts about quitting school, Puff quickly countered with a new plan, become top bounty hunters in the city. A reward for the capture of Rubberband Man was posted in the Daily Dakotan newspaper. After stealing a surveillance van, Onyx listened in on conversations coming from the Hawkins household, as Sharon Hawkins was romantically linked to the escaped convict. When Rubberband Man was revealed, Puff appeared disguised as a police officer and Onyx leveled part of the house. The battle spilled outside to a nearby bleacher. Static collapsed it onto the duo.

Now branded as criminals, Puff and Onyx needed to find an alternative way to finance their future. After their asset Dante tipped them off, they proceeded to rob the Dakota Multiplex's movie theater box office. Virgil Hawkins happened to be at the theater and quickly challenged them as Static. Puff revealed a new attack she called Puff Darts, gaseous projectiles. In the battle, some debris dealt Daisy Watkins with a head injury. The duo escaped and resurfaced at a dockyard pool hall. Upon hearing of Static's anger, Puff hatched a new plan to take advantage of his heightened emotions and lure Static into a trap, collapsing an old building on top of him. However, Static took the fight to an area near a stone bridge and tricking her into shooting a water pipe. Puff was extinguished by the stream of water and knocked unconscious. Months later, Puff and Onyx were caught robbing a store by Static and Gear.

Frustrated with constant defeat, they formed the Meta-Men gang with Carmen Dillo and HotStreak with Puff as the leader. In their maiden battle with the two heroes, they encountered the Justice League. The Flash used his super speed to suck her into a tornado then launching her into a wall. A year later, Dr. Roberts hired Puff and Onyx to kidnap Robert Hawkins. They ambushed him while he left Freeman Community Center, Puff hid in his car's exhaust pipe. After relinquishing Hawkins to Roberts, they then were assigned to deliver a message to Static. Unlike Hawkins, the duo failed to see the connection between he and Static. Puff was most likely cured by Dr. Todd after he exposed all of Dakota City to it.