Professor Menace

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Real Identity: Dennis
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Blast From the Past
Powers/Skills: Robotics, Science, and Technology
Voiced By: Terence Stamp

In the early 1960's, Professor Menace was a supervillain who tried many times to take over the world with his superscience; robots and various doomsday devices. He wears a pair of visors that emit lasers and dresses much like a stereotypical mad scientist. In 1961, Menace debuted his Weather Machine in Seaside, Georgia but was defeated by Soul Power, his new arch-enemy. Their rivalry continued for some time then in 1963, their final battle took place. Menace blew up his hideout but the body was never recovered. Of all of Soul Power's villains, only he was never accounted for. Menace did survive and plotted revenge for decades.

In the early 21st century, he lived at a retirement home in Dakota City alongside his enemy, a retired Soul Power. With the debut of Static, Menace decided to use both heroes as a power source for his devices and reuse his Weather Machine. While his robots staged a theft at the Dakota Museum of Technology, Menace used a hologram of his younger self to protect his identity and revealed a fabricated story of how he survived the 1963 battle by hiding away in a cryogenic chamber. He also pretended to be a client of a defense satellite firm with top level clearance in order to steal weather maps. Menace then lured Static and Soul Power to the High Hills with his Weather Machine. However, the CEO of the defense firm was Soul Power's former sidekick, Sparky. He freed the duo, blew up the building, and traced the data to a server underground. The trio confronted Professor Menace under the retirement home. With Menace defeated, Soul Power officially retired.