The Preserver

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Real Identity: The Preserver
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One and Part Two
Appearances (BB): The Call Part Two
Powers: Transformation and Super Strength
Voiced By: Sherman Howard

The Preserver is a collector of the last specimens of alien races throughout the universe. For the most part, the Preserver went unchallenged and took animals that were partially sentient. One being it took against its will was Starro, the last starfish of an ocean planet. Over time, the Preserver grew arrogant and lost sight of his goal.

He set his sights on Superman, the last Kryptonian. However, Superman's powers would prove to be difficult to overcome. The Preserver devised a plan to manipulate the last Czarnian, Lobo into luring Superman to a trap in space. The Preserver would then impriosn both beings for his collection. Superman broke free of his enclosure and begrudgingly released Lobo to help in his escape.

With Lobo and his bounty Sqweek Vermin missing, Emperor Spooj sent a trio of bounty hunters to finish the job. The Preserver allowed them to enter the ship and do the dirty work. Superman found a sanctuary for a Dodo bird and a simulated yellow sun environment. He regained his powers and confronted the Preserver, who transformed into a monstrosity. Superman and Lobo managed to open the ship's bay doors and launched the Preserver into space. He soon died of exfixiation.