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Real Identity: Kenny Stanton
Appearances (BB): Payback
Skills: Control of exosuit and armed combat
Voiced By: Bill Fagerbakke/Adam Wylie

Kenny Stanton is the son of Dr. Stanton, head counselor at the Gotham Youth Counseling Center. Young Stanton rarely got the chance to interact with his father, who was over worked and trying to solve his patients' problems. He passed the time by playing with the Center's librarian, Howard Lewis. Unknown to Lewis, Stanton paid close attention to how to use his exosuit and laser whip, which Lewis used to sculpt art. Stanton devised a naive plan to spend more time with his father. Wear the suit, become a vigilante and help his father's patients more directly. Terry McGinnis went undercover and talked about working with Bruce Wayne and an opening of the Vreeland Marquois Hotel. Batman stopped Payback from killing Wayne and was arrested.