Paxton Powers

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Real Identity: Paxton Powers
Appearances (BB): Ascension, Sneak Peak and King's Ransom
Skills: Business
Voiced By: Cary Elwes/Parker Stevenson

Paxton Powers had his own ambitions and plotted a power play on his father, CEO of Wayne-Powers. Derek Powers anticipated this and exiled him to South America to handle company affairs in isolation. While bidding his time, Powers developed a taste for pre-Columbian art and even stole the fabled Crown of Tikal.

Three years later, Paxton Powers was abruptly summoned back to Gotham City. Surprised to become acting Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Powers was even more shocked to witness his father's condition. After Derek Powers' secret was made public, Paxton Powers used the Bat Signal to enlist Batman to capture Blight. Together, they'd use a pinchcell to weaken Blight and bring him in. Powers planned to kill his father, though. In the aftermath, Powers succeeded and ascended to CEO.

Powers remained reclusive and inacted sweeping reforms including a new policy on terrorism and ransom. He hired the Royal Flush Gang to steal art for him, including the Jaguar of the Dezer but that theft was broken up by Batman. King resolved the fowl up by kidnapping Powers and holding him for ransom, which failed. Wayne took advantage of the situation to find something to later incriminate Powers, his collection of stolen art. Powers then hired the Gang to assassinate Wayne. With him dead, Powers would have unrestricted access to millions of credits and could pay off his would-be kidnappers. Batman defeated the Gang and Wayne turned Powers over to the Gotham City Police Department. Powers was convicted and forced to resign. Bruce Wayne then took back his position and control of the company.