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Real Identity: Rudy Jones
Affiliation(s): Secret Society and Legion of Doom
Appearances (STAS): Feeding Time, Two's a Crowd and Double Dose
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Clash, I am Legion, the Great Brain Robbery and Alive!
Powers: Can temporarily absorb memories, stength and personality from others
Voiced By: Brion James and Brian George

Rudy Jones was once a lowly janitor at the Metropolis-based S.T.A.R. Labs. Jones was disrespected and belittled all of his life and secretly carried a grufge against those with power. He would often find himself in illegal get-rich-quick schemes. In order to pay off a gambling debt, Jones agreed to help steal several barrels of experimental biochemicals. His partner, Martin Labeau would fence them afterwards. The robbery almost succeeded but two security guards noticed that Jones didn't have proper clearance to drive a forklift.

In the confusion, Labeau and Jones fled the scene. The chemicals spilled out of their barrels and doused Jones. He was ejected from the back of Labeau's truck and settled near a bridge. The chemicals turned out to be ones that catalyse energy absorption in human cells. Jones was mutated into a monstrosity and soon discovered that he had to regularly drain the life force of another living being in order to survive.

Contact with the Parasite's will leave a victim weakened and prolonged contact would surely lead to death. When he drains his prey, Parasite not only takes on that person's energy, but their knowledge, memories, and any skills or powers they might have. Parasite set out to get revenge on Labeau but was soon confronted by Superman. Parasite became obsessed with absorbing Superman's powers and kidnapped him. He chose the one place he felt secure to keep Superman hostage, the maintenance access at STAR Labs. Parasite went on a crime spree unchecked, until Daily Planet photographer, Jimmy Olsen began to do his own investigating. Superman used the building's surroundings to overwhelm Parasite. He was imprisoned at STAR Labs in isolation.

Some time later, ex-STAR Lab researcher Dr. Garver stole a radioactive isotope. Garver then held the city of Metropolis for ransom. During the confrontation, Garver was hit by debris and suffered a concussion. With four hours left before the bomb went off, Professor Hamilton and Superman came up with a desperate plan. They recruited Parasite to absorb enough of Garver's energy to find the location of the bomb in exchange for cable television.

However, Parasite also took on Garver's dominant consciousness. Garver convinced Parasite to let him lure Superman into a trap and once again use him as a power source. Garver also planned to erase Jones' own consciousness and take over the body. Superman tried to coax Jones to fight off Garver while he searched for a bomb. Parasite was caught in the explosion as Superman dumped the bomb in an abandoned mine shaft. As Garver awoke in his own body, Superman carried him off to be re-arrested.

Parasite was soon transferred to Stryker's Island Prison to a new wing dedicated to handling the needs of the supervillain variety. After Livewire escaped Stryker's and failed to kill Superman alone, she enticed Parasite to help. Parasite would drain Superman just enough for Livewire to lay the finishing blow. The two attacked a local power plant to lure Superman who came prepared with a rubber suit. However, the plan fell apart when Parasite's hunger for power overrode the situation. He absorbed both Livewire and Superman. Weakened, Superman set off the sprinkler system and electrocuted Parasite.

Years later, Parasite was recruited by Grodd to join his Secret Society. Parasite was easily swayed by his hatred for Superman. He was later absorbed into Grodd's Legion of Doom and appeared to have been one of the many to be killed by Darkseid upon his resurrection.