Ian Peek

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Real Identity: Ian Peek
Appearances (BB): Sneak Peak
Powers/Skills: Intangibility and Journalism
Voiced By: Michael McKean

Ian Peek anchored "The Inside Peek," a celebrity gossip show and is reputed for revealing exclusive material, often ruining the reputation of people. Peek once interviewed Nobuo Taka, a Wayne-Powers researcher, about an experimental belt granting intangibility. He coveted the belt and research and killed Taka. After covering up the murder with an arson, Peek everything for himself and spied on celebrities and recorded even more exclusive secrets. He recorded material on Jamie Jerald, the "Dragon Lady," Paxton Powers, The Tong and Batman.

However, Peek began to lose control of the belt's abilities and was losing substance. Desperate, Peek tried to blackmail Wayne, who refused. The nature of the belt was to neutralize basic forces, including gravity. Peek fell to the center of the Earth and eventually gave in to his fate.