Aron Price

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Real Identity: Aron Price
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Child's Play
Powers/Skills: Manipulation
Voiced By: R.J. Knoll

Aron Price is a juvenile delinquent from the Fenton Projects of Dakota City. Sometime in his pre-teenage years, Price was sent away to reform school for an unrevealed crime, most likely theft. His father also remarried and Price became the older stepbrother of Dwayne McCall. Price wanted nothing to do with McCall and mostly ignored him.

After the Big Bang, Price returned to Dakota City and re-enrolled to Dakota Union High School. However, he soon learned McCall was a Bang Baby and planned to use him to steal. McCall was unsure but Price began to feed him lies that would convince him to comply. At a bank heist, Price told a story of how the Dakota Merchant's Bank stole from him a long time ago and he just wanted to make things right. When Static intervened, Price began to consider using McCall to eliminate him. Virgil Hawkins and Richie Foley attempted to record incriminating evidence to use against Price in the future. Fooled by the promise of hanging out with Frieda Goren, Price admitted his dislike for his stepbrother. During a robbery at Dakota Mall, the recording was played and McCall sided with Static. He then used his Static Cling to immobilize Price. The police arrested him and it appears likely he was tried as an adult.