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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Affiliation(s): None
Appearances (SS): Out of Africa
Powers/Skills: Snake Mimicry
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

In ancient times, a very clever spider named Kwaku Anansi wished to have the power of storytelling and asked the Sky King. They made a bargain. If Anansi captured three evildoers, he could get his wish. First, Anansi trapped Mmoboro the Hornet then tied Onini the Serpent to a tree and lastly, captured Osebo the Leopard. Sky King accepted the trio and gifted the spider. He then took the power and passed it on to a worthy human when the time came.

Centuries passed and the final fate of these three villains is unknown. In the early 21st century, a trio of supervillains using the same names appeared as enemies of Anansi the Spider in west Africa. It is unknown if this is the original trio or a team of metahumans that adopted the name and motifs. In any case, Onini is a humanoid snake. His body is that of a serpent and his arms are replaced with two smaller snakes. When Osebo learned the Ashanti treasures would be on display in Dakota City, he dispatched Mmoboro and Onini to rob the Dakota Museum of Natural History. In the final battle, Static blinded Onini and the trio was arrested.