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Real Identity: Edwin Alva Junior
Affiliation(s): Alva Industries
Appearances (SS): Junior, Trouble Squared, and No Man's an Island
Powers/Skills: Flight, Energy Projection. Intangibility, Force Field Generation, Enhanced Strength, and Enhanced Vision
Voiced By: Matt Ballard

Edwin Alva Junior is the son of Edwin Alva and was groomed to take over the family business, Alva Industries, someday. After preparatory school, Junior failed his father's expectations. Frustrated trying to be like his father, Junior began to study Quantum Vapor and research a way to stabilize it to gain his father's approval. Alva dismissed his son's claims and lamented how he'd be better off with a statue. Junior snuck into High Security Lab Number 14 and stole several samples of Quantum Vapor. He modified the gas and injected them into wraps of bubbles he wore on his wrists and as a belt. Everytime he popped a bubble, he would gain new different superpower. He vowed to take away everything his father had and destroy his legacy as Omnifarious, Latin for "many forms." In a naive way, he thought without the company to obsess about, his father would give him the attention he so desired.

Omnifarious debuted by attacking a ship of gun smugglers working for Alva Industries. Static intervened only to prompt Omnifarious to use X-Ray Vision and discover the hero's secret identity. During the following weekend, he attacked a total of three ships, a warehouse, and two weapons factories. Unable to confront Omnifarious directly, for threat of revealing his secret, Static approached Alva and told him who his son was. Alva walked in on Omnifarious and discovered Static's claim was true. The situation got out of control and the company's security force disobeyed Alva and attacked Omnifarious. Static intervened with an electromagnetic pulse. Infuriated that his father was only trying to protect his company, Omnifarious dispersed the entire belt of Quantum Vapor. The overexposure turned him into a stone statue.

Edwin Alva began to transfer personnel to a secret project, the full restoration of his son, and even recruited Specs and Trapper. After a successful test of cellular stability with a sample of Junior's hair, the restoration was on schedule. However, Specs and Trapper deviated from their assignment to capture Static. During the skirmish, the machine that would revive Junior was heavily damaged. The replacement scanner component would take three to four months to be completed. The duo's employment was terminated and in retaliation, they kidnapped Junior and demanded a ransom. Alva's team attempted to trace them but walked into a trap. Desperate and out of options, Alva asked Static for help. In exchange for donating $10 million to the Freeman Community Center, Static agreed. He tracked Specs and Trapper to the abandoned Vanmoor Institute, where Junior was rigged to a bomb. Static used Specs' gauntlet to slow the explosion, save Junior, and defeat the duo.

Years later, the project was relocated to a secret island facility. All attempts to restore Junior failed and his condition began to deteriorate. As a last ditch effort, a plan to transfuse the energies of several Bang Babies was approved. Rubberband Man, Talon, and Gear were taken against their will and tested. When they were deemed insufficient, a unit was sent to take Static and HotStreak. They escaped their transport and infiltrated the facility, freeing the others. With Gear's guidance, Static and HotStreak willingly donated their energies. Junior was restored to normal. For this deed, Alva changed his view of Static and formally called a truce.