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Real Identity: Dr. Karen Roberts
Affiliation(s): Alva Industries
Appearances (SS): Kidnapped
Powers/Skills: Technokinesis, Computer Technology, and Engineering
Voiced By: Wendie Malick

Dr. Roberts was employed at Alva Industries to build the largest data gathering super computer network dedicated to finding out Static's secret identity under the promise that Alva would fund her own Project Omni. The network was linked to every satellite, camera, and surveillance system in the world. Project Omni was Roberts' life work and is a computer virus planted in every computer. Once activated, Roberts would be able to interact and control every digital device on Earth through her neural interface helmet. As the ultimate interface between man and machine, she would link her brain to the network and essentially become it, with infinite reach and power. After Edwin Alva Junior was revived, Edwin Alva honored his truce with Static and began to dismantle various operations associated to the hero. Dr. Roberts was the latest casualty. Instead of approving her own project, Alva transferred Roberts to a new division.

When she refused, Alva terminated her employment. Just as Alva left, Roberts received a hit from the data network, a live feed of Static changing into Virgil Hawkins. The Omni worm continued to spread and infiltrated Backpack's navigation system and operating code, prompting Gear to completely reprogram the device. Roberts relocated to a bunker underneath a junkyard and contracted Puff and Onyx to kidnap Robert Hawkins. She revealed her location and blackmailed Static into stealing equipment. With it, she could continue to work on Project Omni. Static complied and invaded Lab 14 on Alva Industries property. Alva immediately realized Roberts was behind the theft. Next, Static was ordered to attack an Alva truck convoy headed east.

Gear arrived and fought Static then slipped a tracer on him after deciphering his clue. Gear isolated the virus, deconstructed it, and created a counter-virus to block the main server. After inserting the counter-virus into Roberts' computers, Gear and Static extracted Robert Hawkins. Roberts, now calling herself Omnara, used her newfound powers to launch several missiles and destroy Alva Industries. The counter-virus activated in time, and completely overwhelmed and overloaded Omnara's mind. She became catatonic and was taken into custody by the Metahuman Capture Division.