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Real Identity: Carl Fowler
Appearances (BTAS): Prophecy of Doom
Skills: Acting, Fraud, Extortion and Manipulation
Voiced By: Michael Des Barres

Carl Fowler was once a professional actor but was arrested for petty larceny. His partner in crime, Lucas, was never convicted. When Fowler served his time, he devised a fraud that would secure their financial needs, indefinitely. Fowler took on the persona of Nostromos, a psychic gifted with premonitions. He reached out to the business elites of Gotham City. Lucas would then manipulate events to corroborate Nostromos' predictions. Soon, a secret brotherhood was formed. After recruiting enough members, Nostromos predicted a devastating economic crash that would cripple the world. A super fund was created, so the brotherhood would survive and be able to help rebuild the world. To convince the members, Nostromos insisted he have no access to the account unless signed over by their senior brother, Ethan Clark. Batman's investigation forced Nostromos to expedite his plans. A snooping Lisa Clark, Ethan's daughter, was kidnapped and used to blackmail Ethan. Batman intervened and stopped Nostromos.