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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (BTAS): Appointment in Crime Alley
Skills: Explosives
Voiced By: David L. Lander

Nitro is an arson for hire in underworld circles. While once again out on parole, Nitro was hired by the Gotham industrialist, Roland Daggett. After losing an appeal to the zoning board to buy out Crime Alley, Daggett decided to manipulate his way into ownership. Nitro wold set explosives throughout Crime Alley and incinerate the area. The cover story would involve a gas explosion from disrepaired pipes. Daggett Development would offer to re-develop the land. Nitro was found out by Dr. Thompkins and she was bound. When she missed an appointment, Batman searched for her and prevented Nitro from leaving the scene. His parole was revoked and recieved jailtime for the conspiracy.